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pure nowhere is…. a diary – a mosh pit – a home – an empty film camera – a photo-plastered bedroom – a water-stained book – an all-nighter – a cracked skateboard.

pure nowhere came to be because kyla and I are obsessed with youth. that’s sort of the crux of it. we’re two teenagers tripping over ourselves to document youth culture as we experience and perceive it, constantly looking for ways to make people feel the things we want to feel. we make the magazine (collectively, the site/the print issues/the shows) from opposite sides of the world (melbourne & san diego), with the help of some lovely international friends.

we don’t believe in conforming, settling, compromising, the 9-5, plan Bs, or being afraid.
we do believe in taking risks. always taking risks.

we’re a lot of things, really. it’s sort of hard to define. first and foremost, the site - we publish interviews, stacks of photo galleries, news rewinds, plenty of music coverage, and a lot of diary-style submissions that show up in our inbox. we also promote all-ages events in multiple cities, run a small shop, share our friends and their cool projects with you - that kind of stuff. but we also throw in-real-life shows (with killer lineups and art collectives), and publish magazines!

why the name pure nowhere? we just sort of think that, as a kid, as a teen, as a 34 year old - everyone feels out of place and disconnected. we like to embrace that feeling, that sense of nowhere, for when you feel like no physical place is home, or the physical place doesn’t even matter because it’s not as important as the people around you, the laughter or the feeling. at pure nowhere - it’s where the music takes you, where the art takes you, and where the moment takes you.

We’re for being loud, for taking up space, for lost friends and first goodbyes and how it feels in the middle of a moshpit, your heart beating with the bass in the bottom of your stomach. For bare feet slapping the concrete at full speed, sprinting towards the water with reckless abandon. For wiping out, hopping fences, skinning our knees and leaving our shoes behind. For sneaking out to surf beneath the full moon and waking up at 2pm the next day. For confidence and passion and excitement, and friends that simultaneously piss you off and make you laugh until it hurts.

For a life that feels like summer, skin still warm from hours of skating in the sun, knees bloody and bruised from countless falls. For frustration. For challenging beliefs, crushing expectations and breaking rules.  For books shoved under beds, made-up poems on the back of hands, water-spotted journals tucked under arms, chapped lips and skin that smells like tea-tree. What the ocean sounds like when you’re asleep, and what tomorrow feels like when you’re not waiting for the future. This is Pure Nowhere.


I’m still confused. What is Pure Nowhere? Is this print or digital or what? Fair enough. We confuse ourselves. Alright, first and foremost, we’re a site. Here you’ll find all our posts, ordered by category! We put up posts ever day, sometimes every second day, sometimes five times a day because we forgot and left it too long and HEY we’re not perfect. We’ve got a constantly updating section devoted to all-ages events in melbourne and san diego, and we also upload mixtapes and our favourite short films for you to browse through. Plus, our favourite section (tell us a secret) features constantly-updating spaces themed around secrets submitted by our readers. Oh! We also have a shop. Currently I’m pretty sure it’s just our first magazine stocked, but we’re releasing all sorts of new things soon (did someone say limited edition collaboration t-shirts? no?)

Apart from the shop, we like to throw real events and shows! You can keep an eye out for those on our social media, they’re pretty fun. And then, of course, our print magazine! Issue 1 was just released, and Issue 2 is in the works…. but we don’t really have a release date because everything seems to take longer than we think it will, ya know.

Can I submit? Um, yes! Please! We accept absolutely everything. Music, short musings on life, photos, film rolls, essays, interviews. EVERYTHING. If you made it, please email it to us. We love all your art!

Do you guys do ads? Not really! Our first print issue is 100% ad-free, so you’re only paying for our content. I can’t promise we won’t ever run a sponsored post on the site, because frankly we’re two broke girls trying to make this work, BUT we can promise we’ll only be working with brands that we adore for all the right reasons, and the content will always be reader-focused.

I just handed over some of my cash for a mag/t-shirt/concert ticket/sticker…. where’s it going to? Well, I can promise we’re not saving up for a new iPhone or, ya know, a trip to Greece or something. You can rest assured every cent spent on anything Pure Nowhere related goes straight back to Pure Nowhere, and supporting our very basic needs (like a home. and occasionally a coffee. maybe dinner?). Honestly there’s a hell of a lot to pay for. Website hosting, shop hosting, shop commission, shipping, printing, paying bands, printing flyers, hiring a van to tour the country? Wait. We’re not meant to talk about that yet. Shit. You didn’t hear that from me.

Why does the whole damn site look different every time I visit? Yeah! We’re just constantly re-imagining what pure nowhere is and could be. The site’s constantly evolving, growing, being reinvented - kinda like the makers of the site themselves. And the readers. We’re all changing all the time, the site’s really no different. Plus I’m indecisive as hell.

What is Shoot On Tour? I’m so glad you asked! Shoot On Tour is a company and platform that streamlines the process of connecting artists, managers, or bands with desired content creators. If you are a photographer or videographer looking to shoot on tour—or shoot a show in your area—they’re here to give you more visibility and connect you to the right people. Pure Nowhere is happy to announce an official partnership and collaboration with Shoot On Tour. We will be working closely with them, and their listed content creators, in an effort to help with obtaining press credentials and publishing coverage on our site! Make sure to check them out if you’re interested in applying to join their ranks, or are just generally curious for more information. You can read their ‘About’ page here. 


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meet the kids that make the mag.

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m 1.jpeg

~ (@abbystrangward)

16 years old, from the south coast of Australia. At the beginning of 2019, she left high school to pursue Pure Nowhere and hasn’t looked back since. You’ll probably find her near the ocean, somewhere in the city trying to carry too many bags, or at a local show dancing on a speaker. If it’s a girl wearing a shirt 4 sizes too big with no shoes, yeah, it’s probably her.


~ (@emptyhotels)

Live music and photography are Leas passion. They are a music photographer dedicated to finding the best live shows and helping young photographers grow and thrive!

2019-06-10 10.52.31 1.jpg

~ (@elzyella)

LOCATION: Leicester, UK

18 year old soon-to-be journalism student who has a love for all things sustainable. You'd generally find me thrifting or at a local gig, but I'm also obsessed with watching The Newsroom and building my personal blog!


~ (@kyla.rain)

An 18 year old music junkie from San Diego, California. You can find her dancing her heart out at a local show, eating absurd amounts of pasta or blasting The Kinks & sitting on a roof somewhere thinking about the future.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.35.29.png

~ (@sammackey)


20 year old photographer/writer/artist/all over the place. Travel enthusiast and food lover from upstate NY. Always listening to music. Film photos have her heart. Usually wandering around aimlessly taking photos, taking it all in.


~ (@sriosly)

LOCATION: San Ysidro, CA 

Under the name sriosly, 19 year old Hector is a local independent creative from the South Bay art & music scene in San Ysidro, CA. Through the use of photography, graphic design, booking/management, curation, and a social platform, Hector collaborates with fellow local creatives to enrich a community without corporate/industrial aid. In other words, DIY. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 6.51.04 pm.png

~ (@sarahkadous)

A 16 year old San Diego native. You can probably find her rocking out to Tchaikovsky in her bedroom, eating too many strawberries, protesting, angrily listening to the news while running or writing.


~ (@emily_brower)


18 year old journalism student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I have an unhealthy obsession with iced coffee and all things alternative, indie, metal, and punk. I'm always open to talking about politics and the world around us in order to create a more understanding society! 

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.35.09 PM.png

~ (@larsonerogers)

LOCATION: Tulsa, OK / New York, NY

20 year old photographer and student living in new york! I love everything art, fashion, and music. I spend most of my free time at concerts or thrifting, and I always have my film camera on me!


~ (@mylovescool)


20 year old journalism student at Emerson College in Boston, MA, striving to become a professional music journalist. I focus most of my time on my love for music, through writing about the artists I love, attending and shooting live shows, and spending countless nights racking up Spotify hours!