We’re committed to blurring the line between media and reader, publication and community. Want to work with us? Send a quick email, whether it’s an idea, half-formed project, concept, or finished piece of work. No themes, no limits.



  • If you’ve already shot a concert and want to submit, please upload a maximum of 20 images to a Google Drive folder, and shoot us an email through the contact form below. Include: a write up about the concert (the more personal, the better!), the link to the photos, and any extra personal details (social links, etc.).

  • If you want to shoot a particular concert and are looking for a media pass, or just to get in touch beforehand for guaranteed publication, send us a quick email through the form below with all necessary details.



  • We accept all forms of written work on nearly any category – essays, short stories, poetry, etc.

  • Please edit work to the best of your ability!

  • Attach to an email, or upload to Google Drive and attach the link through the contact form below.



  • We are actively accepting all forms of art – photography, illustrations, scans, music, videos, etc.

  • Your art may be included in a post, secret page, upcoming zine/magazine, or other future projects.

  • By sending in your art, you’re agreeing to let us publish it on Pure Nowhere, and across our social media platforms. Credit will, of course, always be given!

  • You know the drill - attach to an email, or upload to a Google Drive folder and send us the link through the contact form below!


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