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welcome to (tell us a secret). a digital series by pure nowhere, comprised of secret spaces themed around ideas and feelings. these are designed to be long-form explorations you can dive through, dip in and out of, and return to when you feel alone, or just need to be reminded about all the love and pain and truth in the world.

this is the second one, sounds; snippets of live through voice memos and old tapes & recordings.

this space is built around snippets of every day life, around conversations and rain, college lectures and interviews and girls in germany writing songs. there’s a lot of soundcloud music, phone calls and a hundred snippets of life through the moment someone clicked record. separated from the visual, they become that more poignant.

this was kind of a weird idea. we weren’t really sure what we’d get. but in the end, it might be my favourite space. I’ve spent hours scrolling through here, playing voice memos that go for 30 seconds to 30 minutes, and it just reminds me about the countless number of lives out there - it makes me feel connected and at home and in love.

plug the headphones in.

thank you to the beautiful people who shared their hearts for this project. you know who you are, and you know how much eternal love and gratitude we have for you.

this edition of (tell us a secret) was curated by KYLA RAIN.