Visceral - Sway // Hex Split Album Debut

review by Kyla Rain || photos by Eric Garcia

As January comes to a close, we welcome a new year for new music and step further into 2019. Through some of the most recent releases we’ve seen, like that of Sunflower Bean, Spendtime Palace, and even Cage The Elephant (bless the Lord), I’ve noticed that we sometimes forget the masterpieces created by our own local musicians.

So, yes. Pause whatever you’re currently listening to and give me your full attention. Pure Nowhere if very happy to be able to debut the split album from San Diego favorites, Hex and Sway.


Visceral is a lo-fi indie fan’s wet dream, laced with some seriously provoking guitar riffs, gritty drums, and vocals that’ll sway you to sleep (see what I did there?), it seems like we have some new tracks hitting the top of our 2019 playlists. It reminds me of something that, if Beach House and Cigarettes After Sex got together and decided to try their hands at the more DIY side of rock, this would be the product.

And honestly, I couldn’t be more in love.


Right now I’m laying in bed with my window open, cold air filling my room and the sound of rain mixing with the third track, “Soma”. It’s almost enough to make me turn off my computer and just think; about everything and nothing in particular.

But don’t worry, I won’t do that, because this is too important to push aside. I feel like sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything that’s going on, in life and friends and planning for the future (or lack thereof), that sometimes we forget to stop and just listen.

Listen to what these kids created in their garage, the songs you’ll hear spilling out from house shows and the back doors of local venues, and understand that if they cared enough to put themselves out there, to create this beautiful piece of art and actually say something, you have the time of day.


So I challenge you to do exactly what I’m about to do: close your door, open the window, turn out the lights, and just sit. Close your eyes and pay attention to the way the music makes you feel. Think about anything that comes to mind and just roll with it, let each song soak up the moment because next time it comes back on, you’ll be glad you did. Every feeling you’re experiencing right now? It just attached itself to that chord, those verses, and every time it comes back around it’ll be like the same moment on repeat.

There’s a beauty in that, music that can not only create emotion, but capture it.

I know this probably isn’t your “typical review”, but that’s because this isn’t a typical album. Regardless, thank you for reading what I had to say, and even more if you take a moment to feel what I felt. Sway and Hex have created something I knew we had to share, so without further explanation, you can listen to their new split album below.