Maggie Rogers @ The Fonda

by Allyson Ta

2019 is proving to be just the beginning for electro folk-pop star Maggie Rogers, who debuted her new album, Heard It In a Past Life, at her release show at The Fonda Theatre in LA on January 17th. Heard It In a Past Life is Rogers’ first studio album released under Capitol Records, a short walk from the venue for the show.

Following “that viral video” with Rogers & Pharrell Williams, in which she plays him a demo of her song “Alaska” that rendered him nearly speechless, the world has been anxiously awaiting her debut album—and two and a half years later, it’s finally here.

Rogers showcases her unique sound and redefines herself as an artist, shedding the title “the Pharrell girl” and introducing Maggie Rogers in the process. Kicking off the night with the first track of the album, “Give a Little,” Rogers steps out in a blue cowboy hat and a white feather boa. She entrances the crowd immediately with her stage presence and electric dance moves. Fresh off world tours, an SNL performance, and most recently an appearance on The Ellen Show, Rogers is no stranger to the stage—and it shows. She is extremely comfortable and clearly in her element.

The night progresses with new tracks from the album such as my personal favorites “Burning” and “Say It,” released singles from the album like “Light On” and “Fallingwater,” tied in with familiar ones from her EP such as "On + Off" and of course, "Alaska." Rogers’ exchanges with the crowd are reminiscent of friends catching up. Towards the end of the evening, she is overwhelmed and overjoyed, beaming with pride as the album that she’s been working on is finally out. “This record belongs to you now,” Rogers states through tears of excitement and gratitude.

Maggie Rogers’ Heard It In a Past Life is out now. Stream it here.