Liily: I Can Fool Anybody in This Town


Recent sensations, Liily, have released their first EP, I Can Fool Anybody in this Town, preceding singles, “Toro,” “Sold,” and “Sepulveda Basin.” I took a deeper look at each the songs on their latest release and dove into a world of Friday night mosh pits and loud, raucous sound.

instagram:    @liilytheband

instagram: @liilytheband

shot by:    @richgreens

shot by: @richgreens

The first song on the EP is “Toro.” Personally, this was how I found the band; I was searching YouTube after school and came across the music video. Instantly, I was in love with the way the drums, guitar, and vocals came together to imbue a sense of recklessness in the listener during the high energy chorus. Overall, this song is a standout on the EP for sure, specifically for the chorus and the breakdown, which is timed perfectly for a quick breather before the song explodes into the chorus once again.

Track 2, “The Weather” was one of the songs not released before the full EP. It’s safe to say that this song proves its worth many times over, oscillating lead guitar lines blended together with a tasty groove from the drummer, Max Morando. While listening to this song, I found myself thinking about the band U2; this exemplifies Liily’s quality in that I can even compare the two bands. I hope Liily sees as much success in the future as U2 has had in the past. The end of this song encapsulates the mood throughout with thunderous drumming and lightning bolt lead lines.

As we come to the middle of the EP, the band slows it down a bit on “Sepulveda Basin.” At first, this song seemed a bit unconvincing to me, but as I continued to listen, I realized it for its immense quality. The use of synths in the intro perfectly pairs with the smooth lead guitar and silky voice of singer Dylan Nash. At the same time, credit must be given to the rhythm section in this song for a beautifully created pocket. I think my favorite part of this song, however, is its trance like qualities; it somewhat reminds me of “Blue Monday” by New Order. This is definitely another strong track.

The fourth track on the EP is “I Can Fool Anybody in this Town” and it runs straight through the veins of modern rock. The effects created by guitarist, Sam Lexington in the intro set the tone for the rest of the song. The background vocals significantly add to the mood of this track and remind me of the song “Bro Hymn” by the band, Pennywise. They are very easy to sing along with and most definitely a fan favorite when performing live.

On the back half of the EP, we come to the song, “Nine.” It should be noted also that the bass lines in this song are outstanding; for me, they make this song what it is. The breakdown further showcases the prowess of Liily’s bassist with his repeated threads of descending notes. I empathize with the lyrics to this song as Dylan seems to be possibly singing on a past experience he regrets.

The last song on this EP is “Sold;” one of the songs released early as a single. The sleek guitar lead lines mingle nicely with the rugged drumming style used in this song. The breakdown in this track may just be the best part of the EP; the complete stop synthesizes with enticing bass lines and tender vocals to gain strength going into the final chorus where Liily drops a megaton bomb of a performance. I can feel the energy put into this part while sitting at home or driving to work; it makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing and dance like no one is watching.

My final thoughts on this EP are as follows: Liily has effectively created six songs that combine together as a very impressive first large scale release. I see big things coming in their future and wish them all the best with whatever they move on to next!

shot by:  @jessicapadover