Kate Grahn - "Someday Baby"


Blues pop? Bop? Whatever you want to call it, L.A. based singer-songwriter Kate Grahn has a fresh sound with a feminist edge and it’s on full show in her new single “Someday Baby”. This song has a great relaxed indie sound, but with a rock edge that’s commands your attention the moment the first bar rings, paired with an interesting country-twinged vocal style, which reminds me a little of a cross between Stevie Nicks and Hozier.

Her vocals shine through on this track, and are complimented perfectly by the presence of the guitar. The intro starts off soft and bluesy with some muted guitar playing that has a cool percussive sound, but the song quickly ramps up the energy. She seems effortlessly able to belt out strong and full high notes, which she shows off in the final chorus to great effect. There is a well placed and wonderful guitar solo (which has the perfect tone to complement the rest of the track) that builds some great anticipation for when the instruments drop out momentarily and the chorus comes back in. The sudden acapella in the final chorus has so much power and along with the angry guitar and double-tracked vocals, it makes for a very strong ending. As a whole, the mixing on this song is really fun! The muffled guitar lines, the echoing drums, and the doubling of the vocal line on guitar in the chorus make this song sound so fierce and badass. It all sounds very pristine, clear, and poppy, while still having an angry country-punk edge to it. The topic of consent and the fear of women to speak out feels so relevant right now, and it’s great that Kate Grahn is bringing attention to it and giving a voice to the problem. I loved this song and can’t wait to see what else Kate Grahn has on the way! She has a unique and exciting presence that will surely lead to more great songs

Instagram:  @kate_grahn

Instagram: @kate_grahn