"Jester" - An Editorial

"Jester" is inspired by hyper-femme and masculine styles, as well as non-binary fashion. This photoshoot only has two looks because one is suppose to be a woman and the other a man, but there is no determinate that decides who is who. The story also pulls inspiration from music group, The Garden, and punk revival. The band mates- twins- are aesthetically known for blending high fashion, punk, grunge, and non-binary fashion. One of the twins has repeatedly been know for "cross dressing" and incorporating the style into their artistic vision. The name "Jester" came from the idea that there is no specific king or queen in this story. 

 The jewelry featured in this shoot is handmade at Sundog Studio, and some of the clothes were pulled from family owned store, Wanderlust Land & Sea. Sundog and Wanderlust are located in Asbury Park, New Jersey, a city with a quickly rising arts scene.

Model: Matthew Raghunauth 

Stylist & Photographer: Marissa Nanarone