Jeff Draco: Waiting Till Tomorrow


By Liv Bjorgum

Jeff Draco’s new single, “Waiting Till Tomorrow,” wraps up all the worry of an ambiguous relationship into a dreamscape where the “maybe”s he sings of are possible. The song starts with a solid drumbeat and then introduces the beautifully-integrated accompanying instrumentals that make up the track’s upbeat foundation. Floating on top of the music are the simultaneous delicacy and strength of Draco’s timeless voice. The vintage-sounding production of his 2018 album Paradise continues on this single enhances the inflections of Draco’s voice and the nuances of the intimate and comforting song.


After the first expression of the chorus, Draco sings “And I just want to find a home, and I just want to build a soul / And I don’t know, no I don’t know, no I don’t. Draco’s need to create a soul speaks to the narrative of the track, where understanding himself and the discussed relationship is a journey built of experiences. Through the lyrics, listeners hear Draco’s struggle between the temptation and difficulty of the future’s haziness. He eventually conveys acceptance of the idea that waiting is the only way to truly know how things will play out, and sometimes provides the greatest possibilities.

jeff on boat copy.JPG

The four minutes and fifty seconds of the song make the world melt away, leaving you suspended in Draco’s mind. With “Waiting Till Tomorrow,” Jeff Draco establishes his individualities and his ability to pull from the past and the uncomfortable possibility of the present to create a sound for the future. You will not want this song to end.