iii POINTS 2019

photographed by Carianne Older || written by Marianna Angel

A congregation of enthusiastic South Floridians gathered at the heart of Miami’s Design District
on Feb 15-17 for the sixth annual alternative music festival,

III Points.


The three-day festival has brought a diverse and carefully curated lineup of musical and artistic minds to Mana Wynwood. This year we had the pleasure of experiencing performances by revered headliners like Tyler, The Creator, Erykah Badu, and A$AP Rocky. Performing alongside these artists were local, up-and-coming musicians. III Points at its core is a platform to band together the community and propel the scene forward by providing a space for like-minded creatives.

This year’s III Points music festival took us through a space time warp which transcended us into a disco-lit haven. Festival-goers entered through the “TIDES” installation which led them into an open ground with numerous stages, bars, dance rooms, and hidden spots to lay back and relax between sets. Standing at the center of the crowd, you could sense a contagious excitement and optimistic energy.


The festival was coordinated in a manner that there was something to do, someone to see at any given point each night. You may have caught some of the Miami-based ensembles such as noise artist Rat Bastard, neo-soul sounds by Tama Gucci, or some electronic beats by Nick Leon. Afterwards you may have made your way to Space Tapes’s “Skate Space” for some roller skating accompanied by smooth electronic and mood lighting. Or, perhaps you were drawn to the Mind Melt stage by Beach House’s dream- pop performance. It should also be noted, Peggy Gou’s captivating DJ set established the tone of the first night. This eclectic music weekend also brought on a stunning jazz act by Herbie Hancock, vintage synthesizer tunes by John Maus, experimental post-rock by the collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and indie-rock funk by Dev Hynes a.k.a. Blood Orange. The festival’s last day brought us a mesmerizing performance by funk and soul artist Erykah Badu. She took the stage and blanketed the crowd with her smooth blues-like voice. But it was Badu’s announcement of Tyler, the Creator’s presence in the audience that amped-up the crowd and prepared us for the following act. Everyone rushed to the front of the stage as they eagerly waited for A$AP Rocky to reveal himself from behind the curtain. His performance caused a wave of adrenaline to rush through the crowd, a large pit opened up, women threw their bras on stage, the pyrotechnics were sick, and Tyler joined the performance on stage as well. It goes without saying that the amalgam of genres and artists make III Points a very inclusive and diversified festival.


Let us also take a moment to appreciate the artwork and other non-musical arts that III Points had to offer this year. With a growing platform for women, the festival featured artists known for their feminist work. World renowned visual artist Judy Chicago had a video installation in conjunction with ICA Miami of her 1970’s performances in which she “feminizes” landscapes with soft, hazy colored smoke. We also had contemporary poet, Aja Money who took the main stage with a powerful voice on the struggles of injustice which seeped into your core. The entirety of the festival ground was saturated with atmospheric choreographed lighting, stunning visual aids for the musical sets, and overall a sense of the South Floridian community.


Despite having taken a hiatus last year due to hurricane season, the alternative music festival did not miss a beat and was as lively as ever. They maintained ethics and aesthetics in returning with an integrated lineup of major stars and local artists. III Points successfully and wholeheartedly created a stimulating, interactive environment which enthrall us for an entire weekend.