Lorne Falls Festival 2018


by Tatjana Hamilton

Day 1 (Sunday, 30.01.18)


This is my friend Rylie, who accompanied me to Falls.

We started the day getting up way too early (5:30am) and catching a train to Geelong, only to find out that a bus didn’t leave to Lorne for another 1.5 hours. Our options were to wait, or catch an Uber. Our friend Alice Skye played the festival at 11:30am and Rylie and I really wanted to see her play. So, we decided to get an Uber to Lorne. It cost $170.


The drive was beautiful, but long—the longest Uber ride we have both ever taken. We finally arrived and set up our tent super quickly. We bolted to the festival to see Alice perform. It’s definitely a highlight seeing your friends play their music.

Rylie thought it was a good idea to wear new Doc Marten shoes to a festival. Her feet were full of blisters by the end of the festival :’) We even had to go to the medical tent to get some bandaids.


Once we saw Alice play, I went and photographed Little May play in the Grand Theatre tent. I shot their entire set from the crowd as I hadn’t picked up my official accreditation yet. I shot with a Leica M6 camera body with a 35mm Summilux 1.4 lens. I brought my digital camera, but decided to ditch it and shoot super minimal for the entire festival as I didn't want to be lugging around heavy cameras the whole time! This combination is my favorite. It was a massive risk for 2 reasons. 1) I haven’t shot film a lot at all and 2) The film I brought with me was all expired. I had no idea if it would even expose properly. I just got it out of the fridge and started shooting! It was a risk I was willing to take though.

After Little May played, I went and picked up my photo pass and shot some backstage portraits for Jack River. She played at 3:30pm. It was overcast, so the lighting was pretty ideal for a show outside with no harsh shadows on anyones’s faces.

I shot Holly’s (Jack River) entire set on expired 1600 Fujifilm color press film (you can see, it’s a bit foggy and grainy). I shot some Super 8mm footage too, seen below.


Day 2 (Monday 31.01.18)

Rylie, Alice, and Alice’s bandmates and I made our way to the festival in the afternoon, and somehow I didn’t end up shooting a lot this day.