Catfish and the Bottlemen @ Hollywood Palladium

by Kayla Fernandez

I have been looking forward to this night at the Hollywood Palladium ever since Catfish and the Bottlemen announced their North American tour dates. Personally, I have seen these Brits nine times and they just keep getting better. The venue was packed like sardines, which meant it was going to be a stellar show. Seeing the excitement from the young teens in the front row, made me giddy. Catfish and the Bottlemen’s stage design and production are very simple, but it’s the members in the band that make the show so special. These guys are so full of energy, you can easily see that they love to perform in front of a crowd. I noticed that the frontman Van McCann, whips his head like crazy, how does man not get whiplash? After I photographed in the photo pit I decided to chill in the back of the venue and observe the crowd; one of the best things I saw during the show were these two girls screaming the lyrics to the song ‘Pacifier’ in each other’s faces while dancing like maniacs. The whole venue just felt like a carefree environment where you just live in the moment, it made me forget about the shitty work day I had prior to this. Every song they performed felt like an encore, and if I had a friend with me I would be on their shoulders, belting out every song at the top of my lungs. Catfish and the Bottlemen create anthems that should be blasted in stadiums.

With a great start to 2019, I am extremely excited to see what else this year has in store for them.