Brook Mckeon: an extended summer


shot by brook mckeon

I met Brook Mckeon about 2 years ago in Melbourne, and since then he’s been one of the most influential people in Pure Nowhere’s journey. Regardless, the guy basically lives on the beach, shooting dozens of rolls of film all soaked in Australian sun and salt. And when he’s not by the ocean, he’s at a local show, shooting with the same careful carelessness that comes from growing up on the east coast. He moves between the ocean and the stage perfectly, which is partly the theme of his upcoming exhibition, but in celebration of the last few warm days of the year he sent us over a summer surf diary of sorts. — Abby

“I guess its been an extended summer… so I've been shooting these up until last weekend. But, this is pretty much my journal of summer. All the pics are in Victoria and have something to do with surfing, but I was also trying to make a bit of a documentation of what these locations were like in the summer of 2018/19, as the changing world is making the sharing of locations easier and we’re seeing special locations flocked to like never before. I think there used to be something special about finding a new location through a friend... and sharing your spots with them, in person. There used to be layers... everyone knew the spot with the 200 capacity car park, fewer people knew the other spots, and only the locals and special guests knew the secret spots. As those layers become less relevant I don't want to mourn the loss, just wanted to photograph some of the lesser known spots in their still-kinda-relatively-uncrowded existence in 2018/19.”



PCBJ 6 D009311-R1-31-6 (brook wb ektar) (ps).jpg
PCGH R1-26 B009241-R3-25-26 (brook jump white velvia100) (ip 4x6) (ps).jpg
PBAY D008714-R1-04-5 (brook polaroid 2000ff 400tx) (morning precious) (rockstar wakes up to go for surf).JPG
PCGH R1-7 B009241-R3-06-7 (brook jump white velvia100).JPG
PMAG 1 D009429-R1-12-25A (brook wb ektar) (ip 4x6).jpg
PISL R1-3 D879821-R1-11-12 (brook wb velvia 100) (ip nr).jpg
SBTR R2-6 000098420010 (brook wb orange velvia100) (ip 4x6).jpg
PBAY D008714-R1-33-34 (brook polaroid 2000ff 400tx) (ip nr) (ps).jpg
PKEN D007591-R1-25-11A (brook minolta freedom escort kodak supergold400) (ip 4x6) (ps).jpg
PSIX R1-12 9842-026 (brook wb orange velvia100) (ip 4x6).jpg
PBAY D008714-R1-30-31 (brook polaroid 2000ff 400tx) (ip nr).jpg
SSFL R3-10 D097960-R1-27-28 (brook wb orange velvia100).JPG
SSBO R2-20 9898-018 (brook wb orange velvia100) (ip 4x6).jpg
PWYE R2-31 D008423-R1-06-7 (brook olympus af10 400tx).JPG
PSCH 5 000094980027 (brook wb expired velvia 100) (ip 4x6).jpg
PCGH R3-15 D009238-R1-21-13A (brook jump ektar100).JPG
PSIX R1-10 9842-028 (brook wb orange velvia100) (ip 4x6).jpg
SAVZ8-12 D008565-R1-28-8A (brook pop-super ektar).JPG
PKEN 27 D009285-R1-10-11 (brook wb expired sensia100 xpro) (ip 4x6).jpg
SSBO R1-30 D009939-R1-09-27A (brook polaroid underwater yb ektar) (ip 4x6) (ps).jpg