disposable film from issue 1 launch party!


words fail me completely.

On May 3, 2019, Pure Nowhere launched our first print issue in Melbourne at Land De Kommune Gallery, Fitzroy.

All my love and passion and vulnerability was poured into turning this space into a reflection of the magazine, the site, and my mind. Everything we’ve worked on for the last 2 years - it felt like a culmination. I can’t explain the love I felt from every single person in that room that night. Nearly every person I love was within those four walls for a few hours, flipping through the magazine, dancing on the stage, wandering past photos, writing on the wall…. people interacting with the mag, with Pure Nowhere, in all these ways I never expected possible.

Things I did that night: accidentally introduced my mum to an ex-boyfriend, cried in the bathroom with my best friend, stuttered through a shitty speech, danced, and hugged what felt like a million people.

It’s been a few weeks. I’m still processing. More than anything, what I’m most grateful for is the messages that came after. The 2am snapchats from friends reading the mags, the pictures and art uploaded to instagram, the long captions filled with expressions and declarations of freedom. One girl cut off all her hair in the bathroom with the magazine next to her. Things like that. It’s fucking insane.

We passed around 3 disposable cameras that night, and this is an excerpt of the film. Plus a short video. It all makes me smile very much. If you came, thank you endlessly. If you didn’t - thanks for being here, reading this, now, anyway.

love, abby <3