"Mystic Truth" - Bad Suns


by Maddie Bryann

Lead singer Christo Bowman describes Bad Suns’ third album perfectly well on Twitter by saying it is “an extended moment of reflection on the moon”. The two and a half year long gap between their second album and new album Mystic Truth was well worth the wait, leaving the music scene with a new era of music from the band.

Bad Suns has been known for having a beachy and carefree sound, paying homage to their home of California. Mystic Truth still has this sound, but with a mature kick to it. Songs like “Starjumper” and “Darkness Arrives (And Departs)” are both standouts on an emotional level. They both point out the dark and light parts of life, bringing attention to both the joy and sadness you can feel at once. Epitaph Records says this album is “more emotionally complex than anything they’ve done before”.

A piece of art created by Bruce Nauman helped Bad Suns with the creation of their album. His sculpture which reads “The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths” inspired the title of their third album. These mystic truths are revealed through the building of a different setting in each song, whether it’s a day on the beach, laying under the stars, or laying in bed with a lover. Each verse paints a picture (as cheesy as it sounds) and it’s easy to feel the writer’s pain or happiness.

The album starts off with “Away We Go”, which is a desperate plea to run away, get away from it all, and just be. I think we’ve all needed some “kind of reaction” or “a little compassion” at sometime, and Christo isn’t afraid to share this. He knows that tomorrow will be a better day. I love the beat and passion within this song.

“A Miracle, A Mile Away” is another song that gives the same idea of positivity and negativity existing together, and how it’s okay to feel both sad and happy. Especially when looking at these lyrics: “Invisible until I want to be/ I’m miserable on a beautiful day / Take one look around you and you just might find / A miracle, a mile away”.

“Love By Mistake” makes me feel like I’m lounging around on a summer day, falling in love all over again. It depicts the feelings of falling in love, and how it happens so quickly (like the rain falls) and how you barely even realize you’ve fallen until it happens. It has such a pleasant and heartwarming sound to it, and instantly makes you happy.

“Howling At The Sun” gives similar vibes to “Rearview” from Bad Suns’ debut album. It has the same catchy tune and beachy sound, which I love. The album ends with “Starjumper”, which is an emotional tune. Starting off slow, then leading into space, this song tells of feelings of setbacks and hope. It tells such a great story of failure, but hopefulness as well.

Overall, when listening to Mystic Truth, I feel as though everything in life will be okay. The main idea that I grasp from all the songs and stories told is that tomorrow is another day, and it will be better. Darkness doesn’t stay forever.

Bad Suns are true artists, by revealing mystic truths through music. Whether you’ve been through the exact same situation as them or not, their songs are relatable. I find myself nodding my head and feeling like someone finally understands me when I hear that certain verse, or crying when I realize they understand the pain I’ve felt. It’s easy to feel and understand Bad Suns’ music, and I think that’s why I’m in such awe of their music.