Lily Waters: "Darling" Music Video Debut


by Kyla Rain | cover photo by @its______good

Only the release of their very first music video and indie rock group Lily Waters has already made their mark on the Southern California music scene. Fronted by musician Gabbi Green, “Darling” is a perfect introduction to their work, and will be hitting the top of all your Spotify playlists in 2019, that’s something I can guarantee.

Shot by Robert Cifuentes, the video follows Green throughout various locations in Joshua Tree California, hypnotic vocals and looping guitar melodies sucking you in the moment the verse begins.

(Can we also give a little extra love to the ever-present blues roots in this track? There’s nothing that catches my heart more. Anyone want to boogie?)

It’s about that time of the year when we start daydreaming about long summer road trips, adventures in the desert and days by the beach, and if there is any perfect embodiment of that feeling, it has to be “Darling.” Simplistic and enthralling, Lily Waters plays no games. Setting guitar and vocals center stage, you’re able to feel every line, every riff as it resonates through the track. The moment Gabbi messaged me about debuting this video I knew we had to jump at the opportunity; this is a song that absorbs memories and emotion, and that’s just a fact of the matter. The group is constantly playing events around California, and if you haven’t been able to see them live yet, I’ll let you know it’s a full on trip. From the moment they step on stage, it’s clear Green and her band are here to leave their mark on the music scene as we know it.

One of my favorite releases of the year, I hope you’ll take a moment to watch, listen, and feel. So you can understand the wholehearted love I feel for this song, this band, and all the memories it’ll soundtrack. (& make sure to keep up with all their future announcements on their Instagram, linked here.)