Greer: Bittersweet


By Gavin Valladares

Teenage band, Greer, has burst into their local music scene as of late releasing two robust singles: “Song for Me” and their newest release, “Bittersweet.” I wanted to examine the auditory ingredients of this delicious meal of a song; here were my thoughts.

instagram:  @greertheband  / art by:  @spunkynelson

instagram: @greertheband / art by: @spunkynelson

In the opening seconds of the song, silky vocals paint a picture of a past era of lounge singers. Perfectly complimented shortly after with extraordinary background tracks, this song sets up to be one to remember. As more and more instruments begin to play, we first hear the lead guitar lines, like falling raindrops, generate an image of picturesque beauty. As I continued to listen, the lyrics themselves struck me as very sentimental and heartfelt. I was able to empathize with their meaning and found myself loving the song even more.

Moving towards the middle of the song, a strong pre - chorus builds perfectly into the chorus; all throughout this section of the song I get feelings of ‘good vibes’ and a warm summer day at the beach. What I also noticed is that there seems to be almost a bit of a swing to the whole song, which made me reminisce the times of big bands and swingin’ dance floors. Finishing out the track, Greer goes into a bridge and breakdown/solo section. The bridge efficiently breaks from the main riff and creates anticipation for the solo. My favorite part of the whole song was this “breakdown and solo section;” I love how all of the instruments create this amazing sound together and are still able to keep the spotlight on the lead guitar.

To wrap up, Greer is making a name for themselves across the United States. This single does nothing but adds to their already admirable reputation. I’m excited to see what they have next in store for the world.

photo by:  @byrdiiie

photo by: @byrdiiie