issue 1 cutting room floor


you might have heard - we have a magazine out. nearly. sort of. it’s on pre order for the next few weeks and it’s shipping in late april/early may. it’s pretty fucking cool and beautiful and all that, and most importantly (to us, at least) - there’s no ads.

we went through a lot - and I mean a looooooot - of photos to put together this issue. and the quality of work we had to cut was pretty astounding, but I guess that’s a testament to the quality of the magazine itself. still, it seemed a shame that these photographic gems had nowhere to be shared - so here’s the cutting room floor from issue one. buy it here.

assorted images shot by: josh kern, brooke elizabeth, lex morales, diego, brian lau, alexander tull,
rachel tse, bryanna bradley, britta burgers, dustin gil, manon verkade, brook mckeon & isaak daugilh

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