Greer - "Song For Me"

By Liv Bjorgum

New indie band Greer introduced themselves to the world on January 5th with their successful and instantly memorable first single “Song For Me.” The five-piece band’s first track begins immediately with catchy lyrics and at first bare yet melodic instrumentals. The single’s title reflects the internal catharsis that seems to take place over the course of the track.

photo via    @greertheband

photo via @greertheband

A feeling of comfort, shown with lines like “I have a place that I’d like to call home,” precedes the chorus, which details the disruption of routine. Despite the first verse addressing another person, almost as a catalyst for the song’s ultimate revelations, the chorus returns to the self. The chorus’s crashing realizations include the line “Now I see what my dreams would look like from the passenger seat,” offering a possible change in outlook. The idea of the “passenger seat” as a way to become more self-aware by stepping outside of oneself makes sense with the title of Greer’s single. A feeling of freedom seems to be obtained by the next verse, where “Now that you’re gone I can think for myself” is sung.

The bridge includes the last reference to a “you” in the song. By the last iteration of the chorus, Greer’s frontman sings only of himself, excluding the outside perceptions and influences fretted over earlier in the song. The ascending “why”s that follow build up to an emotional crescendo, ultimately leading back to the “passenger seat” refrain.

The closing whistle of “Song For Me” is both solitary and charming, and takes the listener back to the opening of the song. The dissonant final notes create a distinct ending to the tale, leaving the listener feeling satisfied with the full circle the track has completed.

With their cohesive, self-aware new single and quickly growing fan base, Greer is here to stay.