Sophie Strauss: "Drive Down Mama" Music Video Debut

by Kyla Rain

Crafted from behind the door of her childhood bedroom, musician and activist Sophie Strauss depicts her devastation amidst the 2016 presidential election. First listed on Sophie’s debut album, Hard Study (released December 14th), is a compelling a capella track entitled “Drive Down Mama” that speaks for all the women, LGBTQ+, and people of color that receive little to no recognition for their work.

Personally one of my favorite releases of 2018, Sophie’s album is a true representation of female resilience, and for me, was a great inspiration for my ambitions. Sophie opens up with personal stories and shared experiences, about sexual assault, injustice, and political matters, as well as empowerment and self love.

You know you’re listening to a truly impactful piece of music when the first thought that crosses your mind is: wow, this is art.”

Drive Down Mama 2.jpeg

When asked about her mindset during the writing process, Sophie explained, “I wanted to give permission to everyone who is not humanely represented or protected by this country to take what’s theirs. I liked the idea of writing something that felt like a folk song, or a dirge. It’s all a cappella… I just sat down on my childhood bed and started humming, and from there it came together so quickly because it was something I clearly needed to purge from my system…

…I want listeners to feel less alone in whatever it is they’re struggling with, and maybe a tiny bit angry and fired up about the bullshit they’ve endured up to this point. I want them to feel unsatisfied with how things are, and justified in that frustration—but not paralyzed by it.” A true anthem for change, that’s exactly what was accomplished with this release.


In addition to this, much thought went into the cultivation of visuals accompanying the track. The idea behind it all was to depict “a surreal portrait of the cliche of feminine domesticity… There is no one figurehead or protagonist of the video but rather a simply-captured moment of collective movement, of shared labor.”

We are honored to be able to debut the music video for “Drive Down Mama”, by Sophie Strauss, directed by her longtime friend, Mico.

Thank you Sophie, for giving a voice to those that do not have the means to speak.

Sophie’s album, Hard Study, is now available on all major streaming platforms.