Fashion Jackson: "Gossamer" Debut

by Kelli Johnson

The EP, “Gossamer,” by Fashion Jackson(known as the brilliant four member band from Ocean Beach) has a unique mix of tracks that vary from electronic, R&B, and garage punk, to acoustic/indie rock. Each track is different to the other, all while creating this genius fluidity to the release when listening from start to finish. 


It starts off with the song, “Gossamer,” that begins with a catchy melody moving into authentic vocals with psychedelic instrumentals at 2:04. I envision this track as the favored because of its catchy/relatable lyrics and the particular combination of sounds. 
The second track, “Plaster of Paris,” is one of the band’s more shorter, electronic tracks, with funky but consistent & smooth sounds.

The third release which is “Untitled,” also has more of an electronic sound with slow, ambient instrumentals and melodious vocals. The band’s passion for music is evident throughout their songs; every sound has its purpose in creating this innovative project.
This leads to the last song of the new release, called, “Just Like Baby Jesus.” This acoustic piece reminds me of something Kurt Cobain would sing with powerful lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals. 

Overall, the new EP by Fashion Jackson is the kind of thing you can blast whether it’s in your room by yourself, just hanging with friends, or for a long drive. I love this band’s dedication to creating new sounds that go outside boundaries of all genres, giving the audience a truly unique piece to relate and connect with.


Fashion Jackson play’s local shows all over San Diego, but make sure to catch them tonight for their first EP release show, you do not want to miss it.