Rambling Queen

by Carianne Older

model: Claire Idstrom


I love photographing people in their elements. Here sits Claire, in her studio apartment in Seattle, which happens to be filled with taxidermy and instruments. Claire is one of my most favorite people to photograph. If you scroll through my Instagram, she’s one of the people you see the most of.

She moved away from New York three months ago, where we’ve both resided for five years. Claire is my music guru and soul mate. She’s showed me some of my all-time favorite bands, including The Frames and The 1975. Our bond heavily relies on music, and our love for folk rock and punk. Our obsession for Phil Collins and Green Day is something I’ll never take for granted, and I’ll never forget the endless amount of times we used to lay on my white shag rug and blast our favorite tunes together. I’ll always have a slight envy for those who can easily pick up instruments and play them, but that’s Claire. She’s got the magic touch. 

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