Frick It Fest

Photography by Annika Cimas

We were fortunate enough to be invited to cover the first ever Frick It Fest, put on by concert enthusiast Emily LaBlond and local music producer and musician, Ross Martin (guitarist for Essex Class). Recreational concert venue during the week, modern church on Sundays, The Irenic serves as common stomping ground for a surplus of contrasting personalities. Mirroring that, the lineup for this show consisted of several different genres of music, including indie, rock, and pop punk. 

About thirty minutes before doors were set to open, there were some complications with the show’s headliner, Bad Kids. Local indie band, Lobster Party, took over the role as headliner instead. With that technical difficulty aside, the show carried on smoothly, opened by the indie rock personalities of Sad Muffin, whose lively sound never ceases to get people moving and rustle up a cloud of good vibes.

Next to take the stage, the vibrant and charismatic personalities of The Casualists, adding their own individual flares to the show. Since we last spoke with them, the band has undergone some drastic changes, replacing lead singer Elisia Savoca with Charlotte Bernal, and bassist Anthony Minskywith Ashton Kaul. The change brought about a whole new fresh, laid-back energy to the band.

This was the first time we at Pure Nowhere had seen The Savage Young live, and it will definitely not be the last. The band members have an unmistakeable chemistry that shines through in their stage presence, and at this point in the show, even the most stubborn faces in the crowd were beginning to let loose. 


At some point during their set, the giant bear brought by The Casualists had found it’s way into the crowd, thanks to Ryan Barnes and Shin Chung of Opt Out (a group we know and love here at Pure Nowhere), who then erupted onto the stage with incredible energy. Lead vocalist Ryan Barnes exclaimed that he wanted to see some “naked dudes,” at which point the front row of sweaty men took their shirts off and got right back to moshing. Everyone was dancing to the upbeat vibes and ever present enthusiasm of Opt Out, and even the gnarly elbow to the face I (Autumn) got in the middle of their set couldn't stop me from dancing.


Last, but certainly not least, Lobster Party took over the show, energizing the crowd in a way none of the bands before them had. There was not a single person not dancing through their set; it was like this was what we'd all been waiting for. This was the last show Lobster Party will be playing for a while, as two of their members are moving to Seattle and pursuing separate solo projects. 

Even though there were some bumps in the road, Frick It Fest turned out amazing. We left tired and sore, but what’s a concert if you don’t? We wanna give a huge thank you to Emily and Ross for throwing this fest, and inviting us to cover it. We’re looking forward to the rumored second annual Frick it Fest next year!