The Snykes Farewell Show 4/1/16

Photography by Annika Cimas

On April 1st, local rock legends The Snykes played their last show ever at Soma San DiegoOpt OutEssex ClassThe Bash Dogs, and music producer, Jara accompanied the trio. The energy that not only the band, but the crowd, put forth was completely insane. Each time a song ended you could hear hundreds of voices chanting the band’s popular catchphrase, “F**k The Snykes,” in anticipation for the next song. 

Throughout the performance, music lovers would jump on stage and soak in the excitement of it all, crowd surfing over the masses of people who all had one thing in common. Everyone enjoyed the last time these kooks were on stage as a band, as the last song was being played, you could see how proud the fans were, of what The Snykes had done and how far they'd come before the end of this era.

This was definitely a night that everyone will remember. In their rise, The Snykes changed the local music scene for the better, paving the way for more local bands behind them - and for that we are grateful.