Stretch of Coast

by Drew Austin

I’m Canadian born, living in Australia on the Sunshine Coast. I’ve always been attracted to surfing and photography, but being landlocked most of my life, I never had the chance to combine the two until about a year ago. Now I’m full on with both and loving life.

I love photography, but it’s hard to be motivated to stay on land, getting roasted by that bitch of an Australian sun, while your friends are relishing in a rare Sunshine Coast ground swell. But this particular trip was one for the books with an epic forecast for one of our northern points, only accessible by a 4×4.

The crew I hang with are the first ones in, last ones out, and we ended up having the point to ourselves for the last hours of the day. Having completely jell-o arms at the end of the session, and freaks for friends that seem to have endless paddle endurance, this is when it’s time for me to grab the camera.

There’s nothing better than yew-ing at your mates while they cruise by you trying to get their toes to the nose for the shot. Especially when they’re bloody beautiful standing on a 9 foot piece of foam and glass, as Edith Watson is in these photos. Damn I love this stretch of coast.