Send Some Letters!

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THERE’S SOMETHING so special about recieving a letter. In all the ways this person could have communicated with you, with a stroke of a keypad or the touch of a phone, they chose to pull out paper and pen and handwrite an entire letter, seal it with a stamp, and post it to you. It gives you such a warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest – and it’s something tangible, something you can keep forever. Emails and texts can be deleted – letters are for keeping.

Sitting down to write a letter can seem daunting (and a bit boring). But there are SO many things you can send via post, and so many different ways to brighten someone’s day. So grab some envelopes, stamps + glitter, and get ready to share alotta love.



kiss marks
string / twine
stickers !!
lil collages
glitter / sparkles
washi tape
small doodles / caricatures



- a list of memories you and they have
- a list of things you like about them
- a list of reasons you’re sending the letter
- a list of places you want to visit with them
- a list of things you wish you could send,
but can’t because your envelope’s too small
- a list of movies to watch
- a list of books to read
- a list of music to listen to
- a list of places to eat/shop/drink coffee at
in their area (requires a bit of research)

poetry. If you can write (and even if you can’t),
poetry is a personal, beautiful thing to recieve.
you could also enclose someone else’s poetry!

where you would take them out for
breakfast/dinner/lunch if you were with them



a tea bag
glitterrrr!! (might want to include a note apologising for the mess)
photos / polaroids
a packet of hot chocolate / hot cocoa
face masks
friendship bracelets
a memory stick! (this is my favourite idea. you can send photos,
videos, movies, tv shows, playlists/music, longer writing,
links to favourite blogs … anything!)
small chain necklaces
a sample of fancy shampoo
temporary tattoos
art (your own, or others you’ve seen!)
a packer of sunflower / wildflower seeds
ripped out magazine / newspaper articles
paint samples (try colours that evoke certain emotions)
pressed flowers or leaves
pages from your journal
a spritz of perfume! so romantic and sweet



kind regards,
thinking of you,
sending my love,
see you soon,
forever yours,
missing you,

Letters are a unique way to stay in touch with those who are far away, but don’t forget about those nearby! Even if they’re just around the corner, a letter stuffed with handwritten memories, photos, pressed flowers, glitter and art, tied together with kiss marks and perfume – it’s sure to brighten someone’s day immensely !!