finding myself in thailand

by Steph Estrada

One night, I booked a plane ticket to Thailand, spending most of my savings and finally breaking free from the excuses I’d been repeating to myself for years (work, no spare time, school…). Traveling has always been a passion of mine; I believe a person should always be trying to be more cultured, as it keeps your mind open to anything. I know it’s rough being a student and not being able to afford it, but even driving just 3 hours from home, the feeling of being away is remarkable. 

As corny as it sounds, the trip changed my life completely, and the flight home was the longest flight ever. I’ve busied myself booking the next festival & trip with friends this July; planning the next adventure really helps with the post-traveling depression. I can’t even begin to explain all the adventures I experienced, because there’s truly no words. But these are little snippets of what I found on my trip to Thailand, and what I left behind when I was lost in paradise.


it’s pitch black and i can’t sleep because i’m so happy. i’m sitting next to the window and i can see the stars. that stars!!! i’m in awe of how lucky i feel right now and how pretty the earth is. also, 10 more hours to go and everyone is watching black panther. i can’t stop listening to beach house and this will be my playlist for the summer. i still can’t believe i’m flying to the other side of the world.


the past few days have tested my patience and how I shouldn’t take everything for granted. I lost my credit card and my roomie was willing enough to take cash for me. that tells me a lot from someone who is willing to help someone out. I’ve realised how lucky I am, as cheesy as it sounds. I feel lucky. I hate being stuck in one place for a long time and coming here made me realise how I want to do millions of things before I can’t make them happen. this is my time to think about myself and take care of myself.

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