Brook & Crappy Film Cameras

D005060-R1-02-34A (danny supergold 400 r2).JPG

I first met Brook at a music video filming for his bands newest single. The invites came in the mail – a stack of printed 35mm concert pics with the address and love hearts drawn all over them. When I arrived, at this tiny little venue in Fitzroy, Brook hugged me, motioned towards the back door to the free beers, and two minutes later was throwing himself headfirst down the stairs in pursuit of the perfect video clip. Turns out, the guy takes pretty good 35mm pics, too. 

When he’s not writing or recording with Melbourne-based band The Burbs, Brook Mckeon is probably up at the gold coast, crappy film camera in hand. This is a snapshot into the life of a not-quite-famous, but really fucking cool Melbourne kid.

D004574-R1-06-4 (nikon af230 gold 200 brook r1) (ip) (ps2).jpg
D004578-R1-09-7 (konica pop ef-80 gold 200 brook) (ip).jpg
D004586-R1-14-13 (nikon af230 gold 200 brook r3) (ip).jpg
D004796-R1-09-28 (brook yashica t5d portra 160).JPG
D004800-R1-25-26 (brook yashica t5d expired sensia 200).JPG
D004796-R1-20-17 (brook yashica t5d portra 160) (ip ps2).jpg