House of Creatives Festival 2018


It was the beginning of House Of Creatives Festival located at coastal Virginia Key, a barrier Island in Miami, Florida. Not too many people had arrived just yet. Carianne and I were sitting in the press tent when we heard Love, Abbey begin to play, running out to catch the performance.

Her soft yet enchanting vocals and lyrics replay in my head, “Call me yours, pour me a coffee, write me a letter, come sit beside me...” Despite there being a tiny crowd, she gave a performance that instantly had us hooked, knowing we’d be playing her songs on repeat weeks later.


Day transitioned into night and we caught bands like, Night Vibes, Kauf, Pond, Sofi Tukker, Chromeo, and Foster The People. What an experience! Night Vibes set was super retro and filled with funk, while Chromeo had us dancing with every stranger at least elbows length away.

Kauf illuminated the night sky with their dreamy vocals, electric sounds, and hypnotizing visual effects.

Tension was building in the crowd as Pond was gearing up to come out. It seemed like we had been waiting forever, but it was worth every second. Faces exploded with excitement when they finally hit the stage with their colorful, psychedelic lights, transporting the audience into another realm.


The lead singer, Nicholas Allbrook, was my glitter twin. Literally. We were both sporting glitter on our faces in the same fashion. Talk about vibes.

The grand finale was Foster The People, opening the show with “Loyal Like Sid & Nancy” from their Sacred Hearts Club album. The crowd was going wild from as far as the eye can see. Each and every song they played was filled with a certain type of power and delivery that flowed through the air with an extraordinary amount of euphoria. We will for sure be seeing them play live again.

House Of Creative Festival, which is described as the ‘Coachella of the South’ definitely lived up to the name. 

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