Girlpool & Porches @ Hawks and Reed

shot by Lea Ciarcia | October 24

Hawks and Reed is located on a street corner in Greenfield, MA, the posters and art covering the door separating it from the businesses surrounding it. I entered the warm, welcoming venue & the night began.

Loone kicked off the show with emotional soundscapes, dynamic lyricism from Noel'le Longhaul, and heart wrenching energy. The subtle rhythms from Alyssa Kai’s drums exploded into powerful anthems as the group played seamlessly. Girlpool, (Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker), followed with a range of songs from stripped down performances to full fledged band performances with rhythm guitarists and drums. The energy was electric, the crowd dancing and singing along.

Porches took the stage & didn’t dissapoint: it was my favourite set of the night, simple for its dance-ability. The group opened with an incredibly electric bass riff, and the band played a spectacular set with a fantastic light show (courtesy of Hawks and Reed). Aaron kept the audience on their toes with his transitions between guitar, vocals and hip sways. The night finished with layers of synth, bass, and infectious energy; the best way to end an already amazing show.

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