Pure Nowhere Halloween Show!

shot & written by Larson Rogers

From Pure Nowhere giving me the opportunity to curate this event, Chimera being so generous to host us, Dissolving Film Magazine helping to spread the word, and the amazing local artists and musicians that showcased their work and performed, it is safe to say that the Pure Nowhere “Sounds Like Bedroom Culture” Halloween Show was a hit thanks to everyone involved. Local female lead bands helped bring in a huge crowd and we couldn’t be more grateful to see so much support. The lineup consisted of grunge pop bands “Graveyard Party” and “Ramona and the Phantoms”. We also had local punk bands “Sylvia Wrath” and “Tom Boil” who gave amazing performances that left crowds moshing as they screamed their lyrics about rape culture. This event really meant so much to us; it proved to us just how far we can reach as a magazine, and how we can help fuel the local/diy scene! 

Love and thanks to:
Dissolving Film, Graveyard Party, Sylvia Wrath, Tom Boil,
Ramona and the Phantoms and @sriosly