Who's Most Likely To...? W/ The Aquadolls!

This October, all of the ghouls, demons, and other spooks gathered at the Irenic in North Park, San Diego to join The Aquadolls and other local bands for GRL PWR Fest, with a bit of a twist; there was a costume contest, candy and more. We got the opportunity to get to know The Aquadolls on a more personal level with a game of “Who’s Most Likely To…?” with Melissa BrooksRyan FralichJacob Brown, and Bella Devroede


Who’s most likely to shave their head?
Bella: Obviously me.
Melissa: Bella. 
Bella: Ashley Baldin!
Melissa: Oh yeah ‘baldin’ though. 

Who’s most likely to become a Buddhist? 
Melissa: Jacob.
Ryan: Yeah.
Bella: Jacob, for sure.
Jacob: Yeah, I’m the most weird, spiritual, kooky guy in the band. 

Who’s most likely to eat glitter?  
Bella: Melissa! 
Jacob: Yeah aha, that’s a good one.

Who’s most likely to get into a car accident
Melissa: Ryan!
Ryan: Me, lately. 
Bella: Usually Melissa. 
Ryan: Yeah, usually Melissa.
Melissa: Ryan’s been fucking up lately. 

Who’s most likely to get a tattoo spelled wrong?
Melissa: Jacob!
Bella:  Jacob.
Jacob: Yeah, me for sure, I spell everything wrong.

Who’s most likely to dye their eyebrows?
Everyone: Bella.

Who’s most likely to go cow tipping?
Everyone: Ryan!
Ryan: Yeah.

Who’s most likely to dress like a hamburger?
Bella: Jacob!
Melissa: Yeah because he thought the Burger Records people wore burger costumes before he knew us.
Jacob: Before I was part of this burger family.

Who’s most likely to eat a cactus?
Bella: Ryan
Melissa: No he wouldn’t eat a cactus, he’s weird. He doesn’t like anything adventurous.
Jacob: Yeah. Probably me!
Bella: Jacob.
Melissa: Yup, probably Jacob.
Jacob: I eat weird things. Like, I’ll eat orange peels.
Melissa: I’d try!

Who’s most likely to only speak song lyrics for the rest of their life?
Bella: Melissa.
Ryan and Jacob: Yeah, Melissa!
Melissa: Me.

Girls; who’s most likely to grow a mustache?
Bella: Me!
Melissa: Yeah, Bella. But I used to put tape on my upper lip and draw mustaches and make YouTube videos.
Bella: I’ve seen them!

Who would die first in a zombie apocalypse?
Everyone: Jacob.

This last one, we ask to everyone we interview. French fries or tater tots?
Bella: I feel like the right answer if tater tots but I like french fries.
Ryan: French fries.
Jacob: French fries.
Melissa: French fries!