Beach House in Boston

by Rickelle Hunt

The dream pop band Beach House sold out the House of Blues in Boston this past Friday. Consisting of Alex Scally (guitarist, keyboardist, and background vocals), Victoria Legrand (vocalist and keyboardist) as well as their current tour drummer James Barone. The two have been creating mystical melodies and poetic lyrics for over 10 years since forming back in 2004. Their live performance exceeded all expectations I had, between their mesmerizing sounds and starry visuals it was a breathtaking show. There set was a technicolor dream, filled with intense backlights forming hazy silhouette figures. Some of my favorite songs off the setlist would have to be ‘Black Car’, ‘Lazuli’, ‘Dark Spring’, and of course their most popular track ‘Space Song’. 

One thing Victoria and I can agree on is that our music is its own world. And, I think that’s very much what the ‘beach house’ feel is: going off to a different world. It’s not really a vacation; vacation for me is when you go away, but you’re still thinking about all the things you’ve left behind.” 

-Alex Scally