At 18 my grandma was driving 5 minutes North to Michigan to get drunk (a poem)

shot by  muriel margaret

At 18 my grandma was driving 5 minutes North to Michigan to get drunk

At 18 my mom was recently married children on the way

The home that she grew up is not the same as mine

The leisure they were given has never crossed my mind

I was born in an action age

At 18, I cannot imagine acting that way

Children do not cross my mind,

Partying is for later dates

The present issue is contagious and persistent and simply cannot wait

There's children dying at borders

The human condition is in shambles,

Lock me in a cage, beat me down for my age

The youth will not be silenced

Not anymore anyway

Back then 18 was symbolic

The orgasmic future awaiting

These days there's nothing,

Not the way we’re heading,

Not if we continue to act this way

The lack of care is embedded

Odes to the weekend do not exist,

But I’ll sing Odes before I take any hits

Politicians are sleazy,

Corrupt, and unkind;  

They like to say that

the youth, these days

Are crazy and empty of mind-

Those phones

Those tears

Those lack of cares

They’re wrong

They’re false


Outright blind

Actions embedded in our veins

Don’t tell me to “act my age”  

They’ll pump you up with rage

Speak up!  Speak louder!



Not in that way

They like to silence strong women

The fear of change  alarming

The only thing alarming

Is the stagnating game they play

I want my promised progress

A place forever changed

We’ll speak up

We’ll get louder

Until we finally have our way